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A Guide to Toxins in Fragrance (& Alternatives)


Smelling good can lift our mood and capture the attention of the opposite sex, yet, there’s often much more lurking in your favourite bottle of fragrance than flowers and frankincense.

Choosing a scent that invokes emotion but also good health has never been more important.

The desire to smell attractive, or to make our living environments smell like freshly-picked daisies, is nothing new, with natural perfumery as old as civilisation itself. But with the chemical revolution of the 1700s came the introduction of artificial fragrances: scents that mimic nature’s finest, from bergamot to roses.

While turning our back on nature has allowed the fragrance industry to …

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How to Use Almond Oil Topically

Of all the oils used in professional beauty therapy treatments, almond oil is one of my favourites thanks to its rich skin and hair moisturising properties and low odour.…

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