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Gone are the days when white witches were burned at the stake for performing spellbound healing rituals. Yet, their legacy of energetic remedies, or hands-off healings, is experiencing a modern surge of popularity, with patients seeking answers beyond the poke and prod practices of mainstream healthcare.

From Reiki practitioners to biofield energy workers, there are a growing number of alternative healing professionals who work specifically with the energetic body, referred to in Tantric tradition as the Chakras. These energy centres receive, assimilate and express “our vital life force energy”, explains author and holistic healthcare expert, Deepak Chopra. When one or more become blocked, physical and mental illnesses may develop.

These energy centres receive, assimilate and express our vital life force energy. When one or more become blocked, physical and mental illnesses may develop.

These spinning vortices are nothing new to professional psychic and medical intuitive, Belinda Davidson, who was born with the ability to see beyond the tangible world—a gift of intense clairvoyance that allowed her to diagnose her doctor father’s patients while still in the waiting room.

“I knew what was wrong with the patients just by looking at them,” she says. “I would just blurt these things out, which would get me in a lot of trouble—I was always in trouble for telling the truth.”

“As an 11-year-old, I was exorcised by a local priest… I thought I was crazy! And so I suppressed everything and because of that I became unwell.”

What she long believed to be a curse would, some years later, manifest as Belinda’s life purpose, with the launch of her online School of the Modern Mystic (see, where she teaches people how to clear their charkas, heal their energetic bodies and even access their life purpose.

belinda davidson


It’s not just Belinda who believes she’s tuned in to the spiritual realm: medical doctors in Germany tested her abilities and invited her to work with them to assist with patient diagnoses. For 10 years, she worked on a referral basis within the German medical community, gaining much respect, from doctor and patient alike.

I knew what was wrong with the patients just by looking at them. I would just blurt these things out, which would get me in a lot of trouble—I was always in trouble for telling the truth.

While Chakra work isn’t new, it has, Belinda says, become more widely accepted by the mainstream.

The ancient seers spoke of the Chakra system being a column of energy centers that extend from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each wheel of energy corresponds to an area of the body’s anatomy and each is associated with its own colour.

While common teachings speak of seven Chakras, starting at the base and working up to the crown, Belinda says there are actually 12 Chakras, with the five lesser known “ascending into the heavens”.

“Chakra eight is our soul purpose, and once cleansed and balanced, may lead us directly to our soul purpose—however, it’s important to have solid charkas one through seven first,” she says. “There is no quick fix, even though in today’s society, people expect results here and now… when people come into my school I work them hard. It’s a slow and steady process and it’s a big job to get to Chakra eight.”

She adds: “The best thing you can do for yourself, is look after your Chakras. Everything works when they do.”

Find out more about Belinda Davidson, her healing intensives and The School of the Modern Mystic at

Chakra eight is our soul purpose, and once cleansed and balanced, may lead us directly to our soul purpose—however, it’s important to have solid charkas one through seven first.

belinda davidson

How  does your work influence your daughter?

She loves to receive white light, work on her chakras, and be out in nature. But, of course, there are days when she’s cross with me and tells me she thinks being a modern mystic is silly.

How would you describe conscious parenting?

Giving children space. Letting them explore the world in their own time and at their own pace. Teaching them chakra work, white light work and how to be mindful. Not worrying and fretting and trying to be the perfect parent.

How do you see children of conscious parenting, such as their values and insight into life?

My daughter is kind, strong-willed, determined, open and loving.

Can you give a sneak peak into your soon-to-be released book?

Part memoir, part manual, From Dark to Light: A Modern Mystic’s Guide to Healing the Shadow & Embracing the Light is the handbook for all modern day spiritual seekers who want to create an exceptional life and live their purpose.

Your message and mission?

Work on your chakras. Live your soul purpose. Enjoy life.

belinda davdison


Belinda Davidson’s Chakra Guide


Level 1 – Your Base Chakra

The first level of your energy anatomy is the base chakra. This chakra is located at the base of your spine and its job is to look after the spine, hips, legs, feet, as well your physical body in general. It makes sure that you receive everything you needs to survive, i.e food, water, shelter.

This chakra is also responsible for finding you a community of people or tribe in which you feel safe, honoured and protected.

If you are struggling to ‘finance your existence,’ and to make ends meet, have low energy, leg, hip, feet and spinal problems, feel alone and crave to find your ‘home’ in the world, then your base chakra is not working properly.


Level 2 – Your Sacral Chakra

The second level of your energy anatomy is your sacral chakra. This chakra is located just below your navel.

The sacral chakra is responsible for looking after your bladder, kidneys, reproductive system and lower abdomen.

This chakra also helps you discover who you are and what you, as an individual person, desire. It not only helps you discover what brings you pleasure, it also ‘draws into your life’ the things you find pleasurable.

  • Do you have bladder, kidney or lower abdomen problems?

  • Do you know what you love and what brings you joy?

  • Is your life full of pleasure?

  • Can you ‘be in the moment’ and lose yourself in the beauty of your lover’s embrace, your child’s warm hug or the magnificent colours of a spectacular sunset?

If not, then your sacral chakra is not doing its job properly.


Level 3 – Your Solar Plexus Chakra

The third level of your energy anatomy is located in your stomach region and is called the solar plexus. This chakra looks after your stomach, liver, intestines as well as your whole digestive system. The job of your solar plexus chakra is to make sure that you conduct your life in accordance with what you believe in.

This chakra keeps you on track with that ‘which is right for you’ even if this goes ‘against the grain.’ The solar plexus chakra acts like your own personal bodyguard, defending your moral code and integrity.

It does this by making sure you don’t stray from your own path and get influenced by and tangled up in other people’s opinions and negative beliefs. It is your trusted friend, whose number one priority is to ‘watch your back.’

Find out if your solar plexus chakra is working properly by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have bad digestion, stomach, liver, gallbladder or pancreas problems?

  • Can I stand up for what I believe in?

  • Can I say ‘no’ without fearing judgment?

  • Can I calmly express my opinions without being defensive and angry?

  • Can I fearlessly forge ahead with a project or decision that I know is right for me even if my family and friends don’t approve?

Level 4 – Your Heart Chakra

The fourth level of your energy anatomy is your heart chakra. Located in the heart and chest region, this chakra’s duty is to look after your heart, lungs and circulation system.

Your heart chakra also keeps your heart open and loving. It does this by acting as a type of ‘purification system’, cleansing all your chakras of any negative emotions and keeping your entire energy field positive.

It is the job of the heart chakra to keep you ‘ loving and vibrating on a positive frequency’, so that ‘all that you love’ will easily flow into your life. A properly working heart chakra creates easily and effortlessly a life full of all the things that you love.

  • Do you have a passionate love life, a harmonious family life and/or a nourishing and stimulating friendships?

  • Have you found your dream job?

  • Do you have hobbies that you adore?

  • Are you surrounded by love, support and beauty?

If you are joyous most of the time and your life is full of all the things you love, your heart chakra is working.

If not, then it isn’t working properly.


Level 5 – Your Throat Chakra

The fifth level of vibration is called the throat chakra. Located at the throat, its job is to not only look after your throat, thyroid, neck and jaw it also helps you find your authentic and individual voice and express it.

Have you found your own ‘voice’? If yes, can you express it?

Do you know yourself? If yes, can you express your truth honestly and authentically?

Do you have health problems in the throat region?

Your throat chakra also helps you clearly communicate that which you need, desire and believe in. Can you do this? Are you sharing with others how you feel, what you believe in and what is dear to you?

If not, then your throat chakra is not doing its job.


Level 6 – Your Third Eye Chakra

Your third eye is the sixth level of vibration that you exist on. It is located on the point of your forehead, between and above your eyebrows. This chakra looks after your brain, neurological system, eyes, ears and nose. (Do you have health problems with any of these organs?)

Its job is to teach you the power of your mind and how you can, through your will power, heal yourself and change your life. This chakra also opens you up to becoming more psychic and intuitive.

This chakra is also responsible for helping you become more receptive to ‘other realities’ and the infinity of possibilities in the Universe that exist for you. When you begin to ‘dream big’ and awaken to your life’s aspirations, you literally start to create your dream life through your will power.

Most people have not yet begun to harness the power of their minds to change their reality. Most people have also not yet begun to ‘see’ the infinity of possibilities that exist and to use this insight to create their dream worlds. Have you?


Level 7 – Your Crown Chakra

The seventh level of vibration of your energy anatomy is the crown chakra. This chakra is located above the head and it looks after your upper brain and nervous system. Its job is to awaken you to the truth of who you really are: a magnificent infinite soul and being of light, temporarily housed in a body experiencing life on earth.

When one awakens to this truth, one experiences a peace so deep, a joy so blissful that everything else ever experienced pales in comparison. This experience is what people call ‘enlightenment.’

Have you had this experience? Is your life imbued with peace and joy because you know that you are one with everything there is, eternally connected to and loved by the universe? If not, then your crown chakra is not working properly.


Level 8 – 12 – Your Soul’s Purpose


belinda davidsonThe crown chakra also acts as the gateway, a portal, to the five higher levels of your energy anatomy (Chakra 8 – 12). These chakras reveal to you your higher purpose and show you how to live it.

That’s because, we actually can’t begin to access these 5 higher chakras until chakras 1 – 7 are working properly, so that is the focus: getting the chakras fit so that we can discover our life’s purpose.

Within your chakra 8 lies the blue print of your greatest potential. I call this the Soul Blueprint.

When you are energetically fit enough to do so, you can journey into your chakra 8 and discover what you are here to do in the world!

Once you have “downloaded” your Soul Blueprint in chakra 8, your energy moves higher, up into chakra 9, and then you’re able to access learn how to express your unique talents and abilities in the world.

Not only that, working with chakra 9 opens up your “miracle-ness,”  and you are then able to materialise, teleport, become telepathic, influence the elements, astral travel and the like.

In chakra 10, working your “miracle-ness” muscle continues, and your masculine and feminine aspects also being to merge. You then become even more powerful in your life purpose work and ability to manifest and create.

In chakra 10, you become a master manifestor.belinda davidson

Chakras 11 and 12 are dedicated to re-remembering and experiencing your “God-like” nature.

Here you experience yourself as a blissful field of energy, interconnected with The All. You know you can experience, manifest, be and have anything because you are everything.

The spiritual masters and avatars of the world – Babaji, Yogananda, Mutter Meera, Dali Lama, Christ – exist from this high level.

But this is where you are also headed. Towards your God-like nature!

The best thing you can do for yourself, is look after your chakras. Everything works when they do.

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